الجمعة، 13 يوليو 2012


I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
 Those days i feel i miss too many special things and feelings in my life, one of the most things i deadly miss is writing in English although i always write in english scientific issues related to my work, but from many years i stopped writing free english topics and that's why i decided to write now in English, in my blog, for the first time and might be the last..

I used to be to some extent good in English Language, i had got a B in my IGCSE but now i feel like i lost a lot of my vocabulary and  fluency, as i don't use it in my daily life at all, since i was student i used to talk with my friends in English, that's why sometimes nowadays i say HI when i meet somebody,  people thought am pretending or something like that so am always trying to stop using English words while talking, also since i started writing in my blog i lost my interest in reading English novels or books at all..but may be i 'll return back..

  We always look to satisfy our needs according to (Maslow's pyramid of needs), first of all basic needs food and drink, second.. safety needs security and protection, third.. social needs family and love, fourth.. esteem self confidence and people respect, then the last and most important need from my point of view..self-actualisation, how we think about ourselves, the measure of challenge and success in our life, i believe that happiness itself is success and not all success is happiness, and to be happy you must satisfy your soul, that's why i adore Mageda El-Romy when she sings

 "أنا لا أُحبك من أجل شال حريرٍ..أو عطرٍ مثيرٍ و لكن أحبك حتى أحقق ذاتي"

Oh my God i still insist in writing in Arabic :) here she is saying i don't want love related to luxurious life or even sexual desires..i just want love that make me satisfy my self-actualisation, i want that very special need to be the one and in response to make him the one..simple but quite impossible.

That's why sometimes i feel depressed, the main reason for my depression is that i lost passion in life, am always in love, with my sweet family, my friends, my job, and my blog, but...how to keep passion? it seems not a big issue, however its the issue of my life, i don't want to live just because i am breathing, live to eat, work,  marry, give birth, and raise children, i want to live every special moment, to enjoy my life and allow others to enjoy with me..but unfortunately i can't.

Why am so fragile? i wish i could be more tough..life is not for fragile persons..they must stay in their shells..

But i still laugh, love, and dream, and i will always do, even if i was broken, not because am strong but because of FAITH also am always surrounded with lovely persons, even if am not so friendly with them (theory of the shell) but i still feel their love.

Finally i didn't dream to be a writer or even a pharmacist, i did't dream with luxurious life, i just want satisfaction from Allah, may Allah give me what i really need.

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Menna يقول...

Although i believe that writing in Arabic is better in expressing feelings and easier in talking about ourselves ... our hearts
but i know now you are a good writer in Arabic or English
i loved your words and ideas about looking for self satisfaction

also i like this song so much and was listening to it this morning with my cousin i told her that i love the song and feel myself in it

أحمد أحمد صالح يقول...

At first I wish all the things you miss are easy to satisfy, like writing in English that was easy for you to do!!
As you know I work as falah, coz the English words farmer and peasant don't contain the whole meaning of the Arabic word, and I catch myself sometimes spontaneously use words like, ok , already, damn it, while talking with people can't read or write Arabic !! and you are a pharmacist and sure you deal with high-educated people so there is no any intend to pretend..all comes spontaneously !!!
I learned English after school by the internet..and reading, so you should come back to reading in English,
Maybe join you in believing that happiness is success not that success makes us happy, and I think it will be easy to success to be happy when you find the peace for your heart and your soul, and this won't happen unless both of them were pure..
Passion creates us thousands eyes so we can see the beauty of the life, the thought that losing it will make us see only the ugliness of life is enough to make us stick to it!!
In fact it needs too long talk to reply on all your points, so I'll stop here!!
Wish you all the best

شيرين سامي يقول...

may be i feel that writing in English bring back the student in me the young lovely girl..which became now a mature and responsible person..
thank you dear :)
i luv the song :)

with my best regards

شيرين سامي يقول...

أحمد أحمد صالح:

every day after i respect your writings and ideas more and more :)
we all use common english words i know but sometimes with some people (actualy not friends)it seems to be a a way for pretending..especially if the expresions are not so common, however its better to select arabic words.

i hope i could read English books as before and i'll try ISA after Ramadan.
passion is a deep word you know it means شغف
i like that meaning more than the other most popular عاطفة.
thank you for your very nice comment you are always welcomed :)

with my best regards

ابراهيم رزق يقول...

I wanted to write in English. But I felt alienated large.
Of course you are free to write in any language but I hope to be the last

جاهين بيقول
ايديا فى جيوبى و قلبى طرب
سارح فى غربة بس مش مغترب
وحدى و لكن ونسان وماشى كده
و بابتعد ما اعرف او باقترب
عجبى ؟؟؟؟

ربنا بيقول
و لسوف يعطيك ربك فترضى
صدق الله العظيم

فعلا السعادة فى رضا الله و الرضا بما كتبه الله


مصطفى سيف الدين يقول...

السعادة الحقيقية نسبية تختلف كل لحظة بعد تحقيق كل حلم لذا فالسعادة الوحيدة التي تبقى هي رضا الله عنكِ و رضاكِ بحالك
ربنا يسعدك و يحققلك كل امنياتك
و اكتبي عربي انجليزي لاتيني و لا حتى صيني اكتبي باللي بتحبي تكتبي بيه و احنا هنقرالك دايما

dodo, the honey يقول...

يا غاليتي إن كنتِ تفتقدينَ الكتابةَ بالإنجلزية فاكتبي بها إن شئت !

المهم أن تكتبي !

richardCatheart يقول...

هههههههههههه لية كدا بس هههههههههههههه انا مبسوطة انك حققتى امنيتك بالدوين بالنجليزى اللى كنت مفتقداه بس مش مبسوطة انى مش هقدر اقرا واترجم كل دااااااااااااااااااااا ههههههههههه

صباحك فل ويارب تعملى كل اللى نفسك فيه يا شيرى

LuLu يقول...

seriously what is wrong with us pharmacists! keep up the good work :)

غير معرف يقول...

احلى حاجة انه انجلش بسيط جدا وفهمته بسهولة...
اولا حبيت انك تحطي الهرم باهم احتياجات الانسان..
ومقطع ماجدة الرومي اللي بموت فيها
وبعدين احلى جملة عشان انا كمان عندي مشكلة معاها Why am so fragile? i wish i could be more tough..life is not for fragile persons..they must stay in their shells..
واخيرا اهم حاجة ان مهما ملكنا ف حياتنا او اتمنينا مستحيل هيكون احسن من رضا الله علينا..
حبيت الاغنية على فكرة

Angie يقول...

Thank you for your inspirational words ...

"Finally i didn't dream to be a writer or even a pharmacist, i did't dream with luxurious life, i just want satisfaction from Allah, may Allah give me what i really need." this part of your blog exactly describes my life script

zizi يقول...

شيرين الغالية ..عارفة احساسك انك مش قادرة تمارسي لغتك اللي درستيها سنين من عمرك ..بس اقرب الطرق لكسب قلوب الناس هي التكلم بلغتهم ..وممكن نكون بنحب حد وهو وسطنا بيتكلم لغتنا ..لكن ممكن لغته التانية تبعده عننا رغم انه مايقصدش وعشان كده فيه بعض البلاد زي تركيا واليابان ما يتكلموش الا لغتهم وبس رغم انهم دارسين كل لغات العالم لكن قوميتهم بتخليهم يعتزوا بلغتهم ..وبعدين حانفضل محتارين نرد عليكي بأي لغة ..عشان كده من واقع حبي لكي باقولك النبي عربي ..ملحوظة "انا على فكرة كل دراستي في العلوم سواء فيزياء أو بيولوجي أو كيمياء بالإنجليزي واحب قوي اقرا لشكسبير واترجمله "بس لكل مقامٍ مقال..وباحبك بكل لغات العالم ..تحياتي وحبي

zizi يقول...
أزال المؤلف هذا التعليق.
شيرين سامي يقول...

إبراهيم رزق

مصطفى سيف

dodo, the honey

قلب القطة




ماما زيزي

أشكركم على تواصلكم و تعليقاتكم الجميله بجد أسعدتني جداً و بعتذر إني برد بتعليق جماعي بسبب مشاكل في النت للأسف أنا برسل من كومبيوتر عتيق و مش مساعدني..
و بعتذر كمان على البوست إنه بالإنجليزي..هي كانت تجربة نفسي أعملها لأن أحياناً الكتابة بلغة أخرى بتخلي الإنسان أكثر صراحة..مش عارفه ليه..

و مش هكررها تاني خلاص سماح بقى :)

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